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Welcome to where we showcase the micro perforated prayer cards from the Studios of Cromo NB Milan Italy. Please Click on the left hand side on the different series to see our card selections.

A personalized prayer card is the perfect memento of your special occasion. Select from our wide selection of cards and add your favorite prayer and message, and you will have a unique, treasured keepsake.

The cards are printed on 200 gram Italian Holy Card Paper Stock. The sheets are cut to size 8 1/2" x 11" with a one inch margin tab, then Micro-Perforated to produce 8 cards of normal size 21/2" x 4 1/4", enabling 8 cards to be printed on one pass through the press, computer laser printer or copier.

The 8-up cards can be used as regular cards with the blank back or can be imprinted with any message desired for any occasion.

Offer your customers a value-added service and provide the printing service for them. You can print our prayer cards with our software SFI E-Z Print Professional Version 4.0 or you can print them with the Microsoft Word Templates, please email us and we will be happy to send them to you.

We also offer laminating pouches so that you can print your cards with the computer and laser printer and then laminate them to protect them for  long period of time.

Some of the Many Uses of Our Cards Today

   *  Anniversary            * Birth Announcements      * Baptism   * Baby Shower
   * Confirmations     * Church Celebrations   * First Holy Communion 

  * Funerals  *  Holy Cards  * Jubilee  * Memorial Mass * Ordinations

* Business Cards  * Quinceañeras  *  Weddings  * RCIA * School Functions

* Saints Feast Days  * Fundraising  * and more!


The Finest Prayer Cards Available for the Families You Serve.

 For more than 80 years, Basevi / Cromo NB has been comforting families and heartening lives with the finest italian original religious art. Our vast collection of images is as thoughtful and diverse as the cherished ones whose lives we celebrate. From love of nature, to love of faith, to love of country, Cromo NB prayer cards offers just the right way to remember friends and family.

 The next time you're searching for religious cards and artwork to memorialize life's most important moments - from religious ceremonies of initiation to visitations and funerals look for the Cromo NB Italian prayer cards. The families you serve will appreciate the fact that the selection  you offer of prayer cards is diverse, of good quality and offers images that console and bring comfort and solace to those who mourn.

 An extensive selection of designs, featuring original artwork from the Masters to the Contemporary by Cromo NB studios Milan Italy.

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